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Vaya Mobile is a small consulting agency based in Washington DC focused on digital development and management. We help customers build web sites, mobile sites, and applications.

We understand how to develop and manage products thru the whole product cycle. We can assist with research, strategy, requirements, UXD, development, testing, hosting, and more. Of course, we also provide overall project management to make sure everything is on track.

Vaya Mobile prides itself in delivering projects that are right for the customer. Overengineering and building solutions that are simply not right does not make sense. Before we engage in a project, we will work with you to make sure we are creating something that is needed and that we are using the right digital channel(s). For example, it may be more advantegous to build a website instead of an application.

Vaya Mobile is led by Peter Barclay, a digital marketing and technology veteran who has developed, marketed and managed digital solutions and products for companies, such as The Washington Post, FedEx, Time Warner, Voice of America, and Education Week. He was the former Director for Mobile for Washington Post before starting Vaya Mobile.

How we staff projects: Depending on the project, we will source the staff from a select list of contractors/freelancers that we have worked with in the past. Before a project is started, we will communicate who will be on the team to avoid any later surprises. Most of the user experience design resources are local to the DC metro area. For development, we use a number of US and International developers and teams.